30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius


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This book will guide you through building and programming 30 Arduino projects, with detailed instructions and lists of required parts, introduce you to C programming and the scientific principles behind the projects.

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This step-by-step guide walks you thorugh setting up the Arduino programming environement in either Windows, MacOS or Linux. It then gets into some simple projects to get you familiar with hooking up LEDs, LCDs, Keypads, and sensors up to your Arduino and programming in the code to make it work. The included projects are not only fun but educational and will help you on your path to being an Arduino expert!

30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius:

  • Features step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations
  • Provides full schematic and construction details for every project
  • Covers the scientific principles behind the projects
  • Removes the frustration factor - all required parts are listed along with resources

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Quickstart
Chapter 2. A Tour of Arduino
Chapter 3. LED Projects
Chapter 4. More LED Projects
Chapter 5. Sensor Projects
Chapter 6. Light Projects
Chapter 7. Sound Projects
Chapter 8. Power Projects
Chapter 9. Miscellaneous Projects
Chapter 10. Your Projects
Appendix: Components and Supplies





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