Privacy Policy

We shop online too, and know first-hand what we like and what we don't. With identity-theft and the like becoming more frequent, we decided to make our website "registration-required" free. What information you do give us, we'll not share with anybody else for any reason. We hate nosy businesses. WHY does a hair salon need to know my name/address for their computer system? It just makes us shudder. Just cut the hair - no questions, dang-nabbit!


If you get an email from us, it will most likely either be an order confirmation, or a request for clarification on your order. We occasionally send out email newsletters, but this generally happens less than a dozen times over the course of a year. It is an opt-in list. We will not automatically add you without your specific request to do so. In these messages, you'll always find an opt-out link for those of you who'd rather not get any such messages in the future. But chances are that if you get some inarticulate and poorly spelled email selling you v.ia.mortga.loseweig.t products, it's not from us. We don't sell that stuff, by the way.

Solarbotics User Accounts

Our website is designed to be an easy view for our visitors, and to be a pain-in-the-keister for our web programmers. There is no need for you to create a user account if you do not wish to - there is no special content on our website that will not be accessible because you refuse to give us your mother's cat's birthday multiplied by your cars age. All is available to see by all.

The benefit of creating a user account is that your browser settings will be saved from session to session, and your information for order processing will be saved and re-used (but not credit cards - see below). This keeps shipping errors to a minimum. Another huge benefit to creating an account is that you'll be able to view your order history.

But if you don't want an account, you don't need an account. That's just fine by us!

Data Security

We use a secure SSL channel (security certificates) when you connect to the order-processing portion of our website, so your connection to our server is pretty darn tight. We receive your order via encrypted channels.

Credit Cards

We don't like it when other website store our credit card information, so we do not even offer to store your credit card information. We have unfortunately had experience with unsavory characters siphoning customer information from us, and have since taken extra measures to assure we are not vunerable to that again. With our latest website releases, we are able to much more regularly able to improve our customer data security.

Regulated Security Policy

Solarbotics Ltd. is a limited company located in the province of Alberta, Canada and therefore abides by the rules set out in the Personal Information Protection Act. The Act protects individual privacy by requiring private-sector organizations to obtain consent for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in most cases, and provides individuals with a right of access to their own personal information.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy

Yay, another privacy update. Solarbotics is small-potatos in the world of internet data collection. If you didn't already get that from the above, in short - we only want enough data from you do work complete your transaction. You want your data deleted? Contact us, and we'll turf it to the best of our abilities. Don't want us to have your data online at all? No problem; call in your order. We don't collect any data for profiling. As GDPR's influence on the Canadian legal environment develops, we'll make the necessary adjustments to stay in-line with them.

Solarbotics currently collects and stores the following information with/without express consent to enable speedy delivery for all shipments, and to facilitate efficient communication between all parties involved in a transaction. This data may be collected through (the site), electronic email, postal mail, telephone or facsimile. This information is only used to deliver products and/or services, process payment transactions and to enable our web site to function optimally according to our users' request.

  • E-Mail address & password to enable the user to log on to the site
  • Unique and non-identifiable user IDs, IP addresses and browser information
  • Whether or not the user wishes to receive certain promotional materials
  • Shipping and Billing addresses, with phone and fax numbers
  • Credit Card numbers with expiry dates and Card owners' names.
  • Order data, shipping account numbers, company contacts

Please direct any privacy questions to our privacy officer by using our online form on the contact page (Corporate Information).


Solarbotics Ltd. Is not responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty, or under any legal theory, including lost profits, downtime, good-will, damage to or replacement of equipment or property, and any costs or recovering of any material or goods associated with the assembly or use of our products. Solarbotics Ltd reserves the right to make substitutions and changes to our products without prior notice.





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