Wednesday Links: Marble Track Table, Filament Joiner and Cat Camera

2014-01-22 17:33:24

Posted By Yana

Technology empowering cats! Cats should have the right to tweet! Or at least have a live video stream dedicated to their cat-like doings and goings. All with the help of Arduino Yun.This is just one of the many things (five is considered many, right?) that we have for you today:
Wooden Table Carved with Marble Tracks We don't just love techy crafts. Marbelous by Ontwerpduo is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship. (Via Colossal)
Arduino Yún Powered Cat Camera While "solar-powered data logging cat collar" in our header is merely a joke, an Arduino Yún powered cat camera has indeed been built by Hotte. (via Arduino Blog)
Spherical Glass Solar Device Charger A solar charger with dual axis tracking system by André Broessel of Rawlemon. Looks good, charges stuff and works as a nightlight. What else could you want? (via Designboom)
A Quick and Simple Filament Joiner for Multi-Color Prints 3D printing is fun and here's an easy way to join multicolored filaments to make it even brighter. (via Hackaday)
Fibre Optics Used in the Wings of the Olympic Doves This isn't something new, but we said "cool" links, not "new" links. And these definitely look really cool.
I think there should be more cat-targeted technology in the world. There's already cat-entertaining marble-embedded tables, lit up doves, and multicoloured filament 3d printed cat toys, but we need cat-charging solar stations as well. I consider this a cat-rights-lobbying Parliament-worthy speech. Yes.





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