New GMPW Wheels!

No more rubber band tires for us! We’ve invested in getting our very own wheels made for us, with molded-on thermoplastic rubber wheels!

These wheels are slightly larger in diameter than the old style, measuring 69.2mm (2.72″) diameter and 7.65mm (0.30″) wide. Ah, but how good are they? They’re definitely better than the old style! We know from head-to-head tests that these have better traction than the rubber-band tires (definitive numbers are coming…). We’ve also spun them up on our lathe to see how true the mold process is, and they’re quite true – no visible wobbling!

A new enhancement is a built-in opto-reflector 32-step pattern! Built to be bolt-on compatible with the Wheel-Watcher series of wheel-encoders, all you have to do is paint the groove white (for dark plastic wheels), and scrape away the raised surfaces to generate a sharp, accurate 32-stripe pattern!

Did we mention that there was no increase in price for all these enhancements too?