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Gear Motor 23 - 1:192 Offset Shaft

This 1:192 Tiny Geared Pager Motor has an offset shaft much like the GM2, but is roughly half the size in every dimension. We suspect that these were the motors used for the Magic school bus in it's miniature state.

$5.00 CAD


Gear Motor 24 - 1:192 90 Degree Shaft

Call it a teeny, tiny little brother to the GM3 gearbox. With a suitably smaller appetite for power!

$5.00 CAD


150:1 Mini Metal Gear Motor

A bit slower than the GM13, but less current consumption. Less expensive, too!

$15.95 CAD


100:1 Mini Metal Sealed Gear Motor

The 100:1 Mini Metal Gear Motor is about 25% more motor than our GM12a (in speed, torque, and power consumption), but has an enclosed gearbox!

$19.75 CAD


35:1 High Power Mini Metal Gear Motor

Much like the GM11-14 series of gear motors, but with a larger motor!

$15.95 CAD


Metal Cassette Mechanism #2

The MCM2 is a collection of high-quality precision parts in a cassette mechanism with 2 motors ideal for BEAM hacking.

$4.95 CAD


Metal Cassette Mechanism

Looking for something to practise mechanical hacking on? The MCM Metal Cassette Mechanism is great building material!

$4.25 CAD





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