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Tamiya High Power Gearset Kit

This Tamiya gearbox is a good compromise between speed and power. Build for either 41.7:1 or 64.8:1 ratios this motor features quality polyacetal gears.

$12.50 CAD


Tamiya High Speed Gearbox Kit

The High Speed Gear Box is a high efficiency motor assembly thats perfect for high speed applications.

$14.50 CAD


Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox is a compact 2-motor package with integrated gearboxes. If you have an application for 2 motors in a tidy package, this is the what you require!

$10.95 CAD


Tamiya Mini Motor Gearbox - 8-Speed

Tamiya new compact gearbox kits are tight and tidy ways to make things move! This version has 8 speeds available based on the gearing you select!

$15.00 CAD


Tamiya Mini Motor Low Speed Gearbox - 4-Speed

This Tamiya gearbox is a smaller, more compact gearbox than the larger standard unit, and features powerful, low gear ratios and a type 030 motor.

$15.00 CAD


Tamiya Mini Motor Multi Ratio Gearbox - 12-Speed

This Tamiya compact gearbox kit features 12 different ratios to offer lots of torque to lots of speed from a 030-type motor!

$15.00 CAD


Vacuum Pump - 12V

This air pump really blows! This pump operates at 12V and has enough power for most small projects.

$14.95 CAD


Gear Motor

You know and love the GM15, but hate the pulley-shaft? Ok, ok - here's a more standard "D" shaft configuration!

$19.00 CAD


120:1 Micro Pager Planetary Gearmotor

This is the tiniest gearmotor we've seen that's humanly affordable. What can you do with it? Ummm...

$14.50 CAD


Gear Motor 23 - 1:192 Offset Shaft

This 1:192 Tiny Geared Pager Motor has an offset shaft much like the GM2, but is roughly half the size in every dimension. We suspect that these were the motors used for the Magic school bus in it's miniature state.

$5.00 CAD





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