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Tamiya High Power Gearset Kit

This Tamiya gearbox is a good compromise between speed and power. Build for either 41.7:1 or 64.8:1 ratios this motor features quality polyacetal gears.

$12.50 CAD


Tamiya High Speed Gearbox Kit

The High Speed Gear Box is a high efficiency motor assembly thats perfect for high speed applications.

$14.50 CAD


Tamiya Planetary Gearset Kit

The Planetary Gearset kit from Tamiya gives you a huge selection of ratios in one package

$18.50 CAD


Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox is a compact 2-motor package with integrated gearboxes. If you have an application for 2 motors in a tidy package, this is the what you require!

$10.95 CAD


Tamiya Mini Motor Gearbox - 8-Speed

Tamiya new compact gearbox kits are tight and tidy ways to make things move! This version has 8 speeds available based on the gearing you select!

$15.00 CAD


Tamiya Mini Motor Low Speed Gearbox - 4-Speed

This Tamiya gearbox is a smaller, more compact gearbox than the larger standard unit, and features powerful, low gear ratios and a type 030 motor.

$15.00 CAD


Tamiya Mini Motor Multi Ratio Gearbox - 12-Speed

This Tamiya compact gearbox kit features 12 different ratios to offer lots of torque to lots of speed from a 030-type motor!

$15.00 CAD


Vacuum Pump - 12V

This air pump really blows! This pump operates at 12V and has enough power for most small projects.

$14.95 CAD


Gear Motor

You know and love the GM15, but hate the pulley-shaft? Ok, ok - here's a more standard "D" shaft configuration!

$19.00 CAD


120:1 Micro Pager Planetary Gearmotor

This is the tiniest gearmotor we've seen that's humanly affordable. What can you do with it? Ummm...

$14.50 CAD





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