Black Friday/Cyber Monday Robot Sale

Posted By Solarbotics

Nov 22nd 2017


Something Old, Something New, Something… something… Solarbotics!(Happy Turkey Day!) Solarbotics Herbie the Mousebot v2 Kit No turkey here; just a fast robot mouse. Medium soldering skill necessary to build this flashlight-chasing mousebot. $40.00USD / $52.00CAD 25% OFF: $30.00USD / $39.00CAD Solarbotics Turbot Tumbling Robot Kit This medium-complexity retro BEAM Robotics light-seeking tumbling robot is back … Continue reading Black Friday/Cyber Monday Robot Sale

Solarbotics at MakerFaire YYC

Posted By Solarbotics

Oct 25th 2017


Are you located in or around Calgary? Do you like cool projects and neat-o people making neat-o things? Are you looking for something mega-awesome to do this weekend? If you answered yes to all (or any) of these questions, we have some good news for you: The Maker Faire Calgary is happening this weekend. There’ll … Continue reading Solarbotics at MakerFaire YYC

Closed for Thanksgiving (Monday October 9th, 2017)

Posted By Solarbotics

Oct 6th 2017


Our offices are closed on Monday, October 9th, 2017, and back to regular duties on Tuesday October 10th.

The Solarbotics GraviTrack Marble Machine Kit

Posted By Solarbotics

Sep 22nd 2017


Our GraviTrack Marble Machine Kit is our newest addition to the Marble-Drop mechanism family. Elegant, swooping hands pass marbles to each other to the top of a sweeping multi-level track, available in either solar or battery configuration! Approximately twice as wide as our spiral Solar or Battery Marble machine kits, the GraviTrack is still desk-top … Continue reading The Solarbotics GraviTrack Marble Machine Kit

Solar Eclipse at SB

Posted By Solarbotics

Aug 21st 2017


Today August 21, 2017, we were treated to about 80% solar eclipse. In spite of the smoke, the weather cooperated so we couldn’t miss this event. Pinhole projector boxes were made out of cereal and shipping boxes: Fancy ones were mounted onto a tripod, and a phone camera recording a time lapse video was taped … Continue reading Solar Eclipse at SB

New Product Monday

Posted By Solarbotics

Aug 14th 2017


AxiDraw V3 669CAD / 525USD AxiDraw is a high performance personal writing and drawing machine. MinIMU-9 V5 – IMU Digital Combo Board – 9 Degrees of Freedom 21.55CAD / 16.91USD This is a breakout combo for the LSM6DS33 3-axis gyro/3-axis accelerometer and an LIS3MDL 3-axis magnetometer. With this board, you get a full 9 degrees … Continue reading New Product Monday

Project: LED Earrings

Posted By Solarbotics

Aug 8th 2017


The idea of adorning oneself with glowing bits has been around forever, but instead of smearing ourselves with phosphorescent jellyfish or placing fireflies in ears like some uncivilized cavemen we went for simple LED earrings. We made a build that involves a simple slow-scroll RGB LED and a few reflective bits to bounce that pretty … Continue reading Project: LED Earrings

Teach the Teacher: Arduino Boot Camp

Posted By Solarbotics

Aug 1st 2017


Join our workshop on August 9th or 29th to learn the basics of how to make Arduinos work and how to teach CTF, CTS, and cross-curricular Project Based Learning using this fantastic resource. Sessions schedule: 10:00AM-12:00PM – Arduino programming with the Grove Educational Kit 1:00PM-3:00PM – Arduino Electronics with the ARDX Electronics Kit Location: Active … Continue reading Teach the Teacher: Arduino Boot Camp

Freezer Burn 2017 Pendant

Posted By Dan Damron

Jul 6th 2017


Freezer Burn is an Alberta Regional Burning Man celebration annually creating a temporary community out on the prairie. A few of us here at Solarbotics attend, and having access to all of the neat technology, we make an effort to bring special projects to the festival. Lit up projects work well since the event is … Continue reading Freezer Burn 2017 Pendant

Metal Spinning Field Trip

Posted By Solarbotics

Jul 4th 2017


We’ve been researching a manufacturer for a shiny new product we are working on (shhh, don’t tell anyone and stay tuned for the reveal!). What we have been looking for is a metal spinner. Metal spinning, also known as spin forming, spinning, or metal turning most commonly, is a metalworking process by which a disc … Continue reading Metal Spinning Field Trip





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