New Product: LED Strips

Posted By Solarbotics

May 2nd 2017


A brilliant selection of new smart LED strips with various features. They are addressable, white RGB, or full-color RGBW, available on spools or per meter to add blindingly bright effects to your project. Some so bright, we had to shoot them at 1/4 power to avoid freaking out the camera exposure. 5V RGB Addressable Serpentine … Continue reading New Product: LED Strips

The Solarbotics DIY Island & Repair Oasis at Comic Expo 2017

Posted By Solarbotics

Mar 20th 2017


What’s the biggest event for Solarbotics in the spring? Calgary Comic Expo on April 27-30! This year we are going to be there as part of the DIY Island (booth 110) at BMO Centre, Calgary Stampede Park. DIY Island is a booth space shared between Solarbotics, Repair Oasis, Protospace and MakerFaire Calgary. Solarbotics will be … Continue reading The Solarbotics DIY Island & Repair Oasis at Comic Expo 2017

The Solarbotics Comic Expos Best Projects Recap

Posted By Solarbotics

Mar 17th 2017


Solarbotics has been a regular at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo for quite a few years now. Throughout the years we’ve shown off multiple projects that we created ourselves and in collaboration with some brilliant costume and prop designers. Here is a recap of the most impressive projects. We are always happy to assist … Continue reading The Solarbotics Comic Expos Best Projects Recap

Web Links Tuesday

Posted By Solarbotics

Mar 14th 2017


Magnetic storage reaches the atomic level The magnetic field of a single atom is read and written, but it’s not very stable (Via ArsTechnica) Magnificent Cardboard Airships by Jeroen van Kesteren Beautifully crafted and intricate fantastic ships made of cardboard (Via Colossal) Google X Levi’s touch-sensitive denim jacket Embedded conductive threads make it touch and … Continue reading Web Links Tuesday

New Product: Video Adapter, Relay Board & Charger

Posted By Solarbotics

Mar 10th 2017


Adafruit USB LiIon/LiPoly charger – v1.2 CAD 16.50 / USD 12.50 Add a high-capacity rechargeable power supply to your project easily! HDMI Male to VGA With Audio HD Video Adapter CAD 21.50 / USD 15.99 Ever wanted to add HDMI to an older VGA monitor? This does it with audio breakout! Lithium Ion Battery – … Continue reading New Product: Video Adapter, Relay Board & Charger

Tech Tip: Micro Terminal Blocks

Posted By Dan Damron

Mar 7th 2017


We use many, many devices with 0.1″ spaced holes, which are pretty much an electronics design standard. We’re finding these 0.1″ space terminal blocks incredibly useful for making solid, secure, yet serviceable connections to the rest of our designs. We’ll often reach for a microcontroller board, then reach for a necessary handful of these parts … Continue reading Tech Tip: Micro Terminal Blocks

Solarbotics Kits on Instructables

Posted By Solarbotics

Feb 27th 2017


Instructables is an ever-expanding documentation platform for sharing DIY projects of all kinds, from pancakes to electronics to making anything fly. Since 2005 when it became what it is now, Instructables grew from hundreds to more than a hundred thousand projects. It’s a great community of fellow makers from around the world fueled by curiosity … Continue reading Solarbotics Kits on Instructables

Web Links Thursday

Posted By Solarbotics

Feb 23rd 2017


Glorious MIDI unicorn It looks good and it sounds good – a challenging project by musician Andrew Huang. (Via LaughingSquid) Color changing hair dye Thermochromic hair color, apparently safe and non-permanent, soon as a commercial product. (Via ZMEScience) Dazzling canopy of interactive moving lights Teamlab’s stunning light and sound show creates an illusion of ethereal … Continue reading Web Links Thursday

Solarbotics at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention

Posted By Solarbotics

Feb 14th 2017


Solarbotics will be at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Thursday & Friday, February 16 and 17, 2017. We will demo a variety of educational kits for teachers to use in classrooms, including introductory kits to develop skills in programming, mechanical construction, and soldering. Come put a face to the name at booth 727 at Calgary … Continue reading Solarbotics at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention

New Product: Scribbler, Grove & Buck Module

Posted By Solarbotics

Feb 13th 2017


Grove – Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino CAD 85.28 / USD 59.90 A functional kit that helps monitor the environment and care for plant growth! 200W Buck Module CAD 22.00 / USD 16.90 When mini buck converters just won’t do. Grove – Ear-clip Heart Rate Sensor CAD 16.80 / USD 12.90 Grove Heart Rate … Continue reading New Product: Scribbler, Grove & Buck Module





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