Server Issue Update

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Sep 24th 2018


EDIT: Our wizards were successful and everything should be displaying properly now! Hi everyone, we’ve noticed that our website is having trouble with displaying images. We have our IT wizards working on it right now and should be back up and running like normal shortly! If you have any questions or concerns please email us … Continue reading Server Issue Update

Project: Switching Beds for a Better Cut

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Aug 9th 2018


We laser lots of wood and acrylic… like seriously, it’s hundreds if not thousands of sheets per year. This volume of throughput tends to cause the lasers to build up a lot of gunk and debris that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Besides being safer, it reduces the “flash” marks which are … Continue reading Project: Switching Beds for a Better Cut

Closed on Monday August 6th

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Aug 3rd 2018


That’s it. We’ve had enough. The weather is just too darn nice outside. So nice, in fact, that we quit. That’s right, when Monday rolls around no one is even going to bother coming into the office. You heard us – we’ll be closed on Monday, August the 6th. Go ahead and email and leave … Continue reading Closed on Monday August 6th

New Product: 50 Meter GroovyNoodle Wire Spools

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Aug 3rd 2018


GroovyNoodle wire. Some is good; LOTS is better. We absolutely love our GroovyNoodle wire, with its super flexibility and silicone-jacket insulation in 7.5M “casual use” spools. For more ambitious projects that need more length, we now have our GroovyNoodle in value-priced 50 meter spools! It’s more of our favorite 24AWG wire with a whopping 40 … Continue reading New Product: 50 Meter GroovyNoodle Wire Spools

BareConductive Tutorials

Posted By Solarbotics

Jul 13th 2018


Our friends at Bare Conductive, whose awesome lineup of products we carry, shared a few more interesting how-to tutorials (previously).

Canada & Independence Day

Posted By Solarbotics

Jun 29th 2018


We are closed on Monday, July 2nd in lieu of Canada Day this Sunday (July 1st)! We will be back in business July 3rd. Also, to all our US customers: shipping will be delayed on July 4th.

New Product: The Solarbotics Paris Flyer CarouSol Kit

Posted By Solarbotics

Jun 19th 2018


The Paris Flyer CarouSol Kit is the latest product in our line of solar-powered kinetic desk toys. Borrowing design elements from the golden age of air travel , we’ve added our unique solar-electronics flair to create self-powered dynamic mobiles. 

Notice of Solarbotics Credit Card Processing Breach & Update of Terms & Service

Posted By Dave

Jun 7th 2018


It is my unfortunate duty to inform the customers of Solarbotics who have used our web interface to place credit card orders that this information used on has been compromised.

Moving ActiveTech

Posted By Solarbotics

Apr 23rd 2018


As some of you know, ActiveTech is changing locations and merging operations with Solarbotics. The retail store is going to take the space where the former RnD lab was, and we’ve been working hard to prepare that area for the move-in.

Canada Post Service Interruption

Posted By Solarbotics

Apr 16th 2018


Canada Post orders will not be shipping today due to the issues with some of their online tools. We apologize for inconvenience.





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