Grove Smart Plant Kit Demo

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Mar 15th 2018


We recently found ourselves in need of a demo for the Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for our visit to the Calgary City Teacher’s Convention. With a very small window to put something together before the due date, we decided to reuse the rough design of one of our previous projects. You know what they … Continue reading Grove Smart Plant Kit Demo

Painted GraviTrack

Posted By Solarbotics

Mar 5th 2018


We always enjoy seeing our products being modified, revamped and DIY-ed, as well as the results of these transformations. Our customer Vera Kark provided us with some thoughtful feedback on adding mechanical tweaks to improve our Solar GraviTrack build and documentation. She also painted the brown MDF of the machine. She used tempera paint on the wood components still in panelized … Continue reading Painted GraviTrack

Product Feature: Bare Conductive Projects

Posted By Solarbotics

Mar 1st 2018


We are always on the search of cool technology, so when we came across Bare Conductive, we thought: pizza! what a great find! Bare Conductive is a design and technology company from the UK that makes sensing tools for engineers, designers, and makers. They produce a line of electrically conductive paint, capacitive sensor hardware and … Continue reading Product Feature: Bare Conductive Projects

New Product: WeMos

Posted By Solarbotics

Feb 23rd 2018


WeMos D1 Mini – 4MB Microcontroller $9.85CAD / $7.95USD  The WeMos D1 Mini makes working with the ESP8266 module simple! Breadboard compatible and equipped with a microUSB jack, build your next Internet of Things project in a snap. ProtoBoard Shield for WeMos D1 mini $4.39CAD / $3.50USD A prototyping area that comes with headers you … Continue reading New Product: WeMos

Project: APA102-2020 MicroNova Custom LED Choker

Posted By Dan Damron

Feb 23rd 2018


I created this choker as a project to demonstrate the new MicroNova APA102-2020 LED strips. Photo by Yeti, edited by Batgirl These addressable LEDs are extremely small, less than 1/4 the size of a standard 5050 LED. This project was built using engineering sample standard MicroNova 99 LED / meter strips . The MicroNova strips we … Continue reading Project: APA102-2020 MicroNova Custom LED Choker

Rick and Morty Portal Gun

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Jan 25th 2018


Every year a group of my friends have an engineering Secret Santa. The rules are simple: make something cool for under $20 that requires engineering to complete. In years past we’ve seen Google cardboard VR headsets that are 6DOF, match stick rockets, 3D printed fans that explode when used, 3D printed rockets with cardboard launch … Continue reading Rick and Morty Portal Gun

New Product Post

Posted By Solarbotics

Jan 17th 2018


3W Stereo Bluetooth Interface, 3.7~5VDC, FM / TF/ USB, IR $18.20CAD / $14.50USD We are impressed with this stereo Bluetooth v4.2 module with USB, SD card, or Bluetooth audio inputs and a remote control driving a 3W amplifier. 3W Stereo Bluetooth Interface, 3.7 ~ 5VDC $12.67CAD / $9.50USD A basic bluetooth speaker driver board, ideal … Continue reading New Product Post

Shipping Cutoff Notice

Posted By Solarbotics

Jan 15th 2018


Attention everyone placing orders: due to being short-staffed, the shipping cutoff time tomorrow, January 16th, will be noon. All orders placed after this will be processed and shipped the next day.

Special Gift Ocarina Box

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Jan 10th 2018


Now that the season of mass gift giving is (temporarily) over, publishing the details on this special gift for a wedding anniversary will not ruin a surprise. So I figured I’d share this personal project that uses simple but smart electronics.

New Product: Bare Conductive & Parallax

Posted By Solarbotics

Dec 27th 2017


  Touch Board 128.83 CAD / 99.95 USD 128.83Design with paintable sensors. Turn touch into sound and make any surface interactive. Electric Paint 50ml Jar 39.50 CAD / 30.45 USD Create circuits on paper with this versatile conductive electric paint! Touch Board Starter Kit 187.65 CAD / 145.50 USD  Draw, paint, and create. Three projects to get … Continue reading New Product: Bare Conductive & Parallax





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