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Nov 30th 2009

Judging from my blog posts and twitter-feed, it seems I've been doing more real work than last week. That means I should have some worthwhile stuff to report this week!

ARDX-NA - Oomlout Arduino Experimenter's Kit (streamlined!)

Wow! The response we've been getting to the Oomlout Arduino Experimenter's Kit has been outstanding. But we've had more than a few requests regarding getting just the parts, without the Arduino. Hm. Good idea. Okay, here's the ARDX-NA (for "No Arduino"), which is precisely the same kit, hold the Arduino (and USB cable). You get a savings of $30, which you can put toward more parts, or building your ARDX with a Freeduino SB instead! (Image of ARDX kit with big red X through Arduino?)

New Stuff! Teensy Jrks, and Circuits@Home

(Image: I'm a sucker for word-play. Fact is, we now have these neat AVR development boards called "Teensy" and "Teensy++". They feature built-in USB (on chip!), and custom bootloader software. They can even be made Arduino-environment compatible! They're small and tidy, and weeee like'em! (image: Jrk. Why Pololu named these after an insensitive clod, I don't know. Perhaps I should ask, but then I won't be able to speculate why... Regardless, these Jrk 21v3 and 12V12 motor controllers of theirs are really cool. Very configurable, and they communicate in many methods. USB, Serial, TTL, analog, and they have software-configurable PID feedback loops. MOST impressive. Only hiccup is they only control 1 motor each, but that's a small penalty to pay for such flexibility! Last of note is the Circuits@Home USB shield for Arduino. These really turn your Arduino into a USB Host device. Plug your keyboard, mouse, digital camera, and it's recognizable by Arduino! What you do with these devices is another thing entirely, but there is demo code showing the keyboard reflecting to an LCD display. LOTS of potential with these. Available as 5V-compatible or 3.3V versions. Ok, one more small thing: These microservos are small, and inexpensive. Not the greatest quality, but if you're looking to do some semi-disposable things with a servo, check out the HXT900!

BEAM Anniversary Sale

We are coming up on the end of our 20th anniversary sale for everything BEAM-related, so if you're hunting for some new projects to work, now is a good time to do some shopping. I'm kinda partial to Turbots myself...

New Stuff on the way:

We've got an Arduino fixation around here lately. Get a good idea for a shield, prototype, then get it made. And boy the PCB factories move fast these days. Here's two inexpensive kits coming down the pipe in time for Christmas:

GVS Shield

We sell lots of Phidgets units and sensors, which got us to thinking about how convenient it would be to be able to use these on Arduino too? This "Ground / Vcc / Signal" layout is quite popular (hobby servos standardized this), so to make using all these GVS-style layouts work, we've got the GVS Shield. It'll be available with regular pins or "buckled" locking sockets. Expect it to go up on sale later this week. Here's a teaser on our Flickr feed. Expect more details next newsletter! (*** images:


Here's another project that is almost finished - the Ardweeny!  Build the support electronics on the top of a PCB, and nest the actual DIP chip underneath, so it carries the board like a back-pack. Again, we're gunning to get it out next week, but the GVS shield gets done first! (***image: )





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