New Product: Wearables & Kits

Posted By Yana

Oct 17th 2016


Adafruit Trinket-Powered Neopixel Goggle Kit $52.00 This kit is a bit goofy and geeky, but a whole lot of fun to wear – Glowy goggles! Addressable RGB Dress Bundle $104.11 Having been involved with more than a handful of technology dresses and costumes on various occasions we’ve learned a lot in the process, and wanted … Continue reading New Product: Wearables & Kits

Golem at Calgary Comic Expo

Posted By Yana

Sep 21st 2016


Solarbotics has worked on a good many interesting costuming projects, but few have been as unique as Shannon Chappell’s Rock Golem. Shannon did a fabulous job repurposing electronics for the Golem, and if you’re trying to do the same, be ready for some major dumpster-diving. Alternately, since we first worked on the Golem, we’ve been … Continue reading Golem at Calgary Comic Expo

Solarbotics’ Grove Academic Education Bundles

Posted By Dave

Sep 8th 2016


Last summer during a Solarbotics Robotics for Educators session, one of the teachers noted something about many of the mainstream robotics and electronics learning platforms commonly used in classrooms. He said that those platforms suffered from the Black Box Effect. This effect was where the “black boxes,” the controllers, were plugged into the computer and … Continue reading Solarbotics’ Grove Academic Education Bundles

New Product: Sensors

Posted By Yana

Aug 31st 2016


Seeed Grove – IMU 9DOF V2 $18.23 The Grove 9 degree-of-freedom (DOF) module features the MPU-9250, and is an easy-to-use all in one module from SeeedStudios. Teensy Prop Shield LC $13.00 The Prop Shield LC is the stripped-down version of the Teensy Prop Sensor Shield (motion sensors removed) Prop Shield With Motion Sensors $27.00 The … Continue reading New Product: Sensors

Technology Grad Dresses

Posted By Dave

Aug 29th 2016


  I have a daughter. A daughter who likes pretty things, and like most daughters, likes to stand out once in a while. As the President of a local technology-hacking company, and having been involved with more than a handful of technology dresses & costumes in the Calgary area, she thought it would be a … Continue reading Technology Grad Dresses

New Product: LEDs & Wire

Posted By Yana

Aug 25th 2016


Individually mounted WS2812B LED – Black or White $1.62 Super-tightly PCB-mounted WS2812B addressable LEDs, available in white or black trim. SuperFlex Wire 6M on Bobbin $5.85 This 6M bobbin of 26AWG Superflex wire is a soft and supple, ideal for wearable technology. Superflex 4.5m 90 LED Strand, 5cm Spacing $6.28 90 tiny LEDs of various … Continue reading New Product: LEDs & Wire

New Product: Adafruit Feather Boards & Add-ons

Posted By Yana

Aug 18th 2016


Adafruit FeatherWing Proto – Prototyping Add-on For All Feather Boards $6.95 A Feather board without ambition is a Feather board without FeatherWings! Adafruit Feather M0 Basic Proto – ATSAMD21 Cortex M0 $27.80 Feather M0 Development Board – Thin, Light, Powerful! Adafruit FeatherWing OLED – 128×32 OLED Add-on For All Feather Boards $20.85 This is the … Continue reading New Product: Adafruit Feather Boards & Add-ons

New Product: SeeedStudio

Posted By Yana

Aug 12th 2016


Seeed One Wire Temperature Sensor $7.97 For simple and easy temperature measurement using the 1-wire protocol with a prepared DS18B20 sensor. Adjustable IR Reflection Sensor (3-80cm) $9.32 This panel/plate mount IR reflection sensor has a 3-80cm threshold detection range. Grove – High Temperature Sensor $12.02 This isn’t a plain outdoor thermometer – it has a … Continue reading New Product: SeeedStudio

New Product: eSun Filament

Posted By Yana

Aug 9th 2016


We have expanded our selection of eSun filament to include a variety of new types and colours so you can do more with your 3D printing project. eSun Filament is known for its excellent quality, easy to store vacuum sealed packaging and easy-to-view transparent spool. eSun filament is available in both 1.75mm and 3mm thickness and comes … Continue reading New Product: eSun Filament

New Product: Prototyping & Enclosures

Posted By Yana

Jul 28th 2016


Mega Protoshield for Arduino $20.75 The Arduino Mega has LOTS of I/O. This Mega Protoshield by Adafruit breaks it all out for easy access and prototyping. Single Panel Breadboard with Terminals $13.00 830 contact single panel breadboard with 3 banana terminal jacks. Acrylic Enclosure for the 1018 Interface Kit 8/8/8 $11.50 The 3804 Enclosure is … Continue reading New Product: Prototyping & Enclosures





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