CLOSED April 19, for Good Friday

Posted By Dave

Apr 16th 2019


Courier Shipping Services Broken

Posted By Dave

Apr 12th 2019


Purolator is one of our more popular couriers, and they’ve recently rolled out an update that we thought wasn’t going to affect our website. Guess what? Why yes; yes it has. And on a Friday afternoon, we are unable to get anybody on their end to help us pin down the error location. That’s not … Continue reading Courier Shipping Services Broken

Chug-O-Meter Celebrating Arduino Day & St. Patrick’s Day

Posted By Dave

Mar 13th 2019


Isn’t it nice when you can hit two birds with one stone? That’s exactly what we’ve done as we approach both Arduino Day and Saint Patrick’s Day with our version of the Chug-O-Meter! We absolutely loved what the team did with their Chug Meter but thought that we could add more to its survivability … Continue reading Chug-O-Meter Celebrating Arduino Day & St. Patrick’s Day

Solarbotics is closed on Monday February 18, 2019 for Family Day | Website Issue: Country and Province Entry

Posted By Dave

Feb 15th 2019


Hello Everyone! Solarbotics will be closed on Monday, February 18, 2019, for Family Day. Some of you may have noticed that when trying to complete your order, our website is not allowing you to get passed the billing/shipping information input. Fear not! We have located the issue and working diligently to fix it but in … Continue reading Solarbotics is closed on Monday February 18, 2019 for Family Day | Website Issue: Country and Province Entry

Zelda themed DIY LED Valentine’s Day card

Posted By Dave

Feb 13th 2019


Create an awesome Valentine’s Day card with this DIY project! This card will surely bring a smile to the face of any die-hard Zelda gamer and showcases a fun way for beginners to make a unique DIY gift using simple items and cool electronics. You can really get creative by using strips of copper foil … Continue reading Zelda themed DIY LED Valentine’s Day card

Tips & Tricks Working with Thermoplastics

Posted By Dave

Jan 29th 2019


Today we are going to be taking a look at one of our favorite go-to materials for easy molding and quick repair, Caprolactone Thermoplastic! This plastic, more commonly known as ShapeLock, Friendly Plastic, Instamorph or Polymorph, is a biodegradable polyester with a low melting point. When solid, it has physical properties of a very tough, … Continue reading Tips & Tricks Working with Thermoplastics

What’s New At Solarbotics

Posted By Dave

Jan 9th 2019


We’ve added new products to our website! Here’s a quick look! ESP-01 Programmer / Adapter Module Programming an ESP0-01 (or any other ESP8266 variant) can be a bit of a button-toggling dance even after you get it wired up correctly. This handy little module makes it so much easier, by making completely buttonless and comes with a usb connector … Continue reading What’s New At Solarbotics

LAST DAY to Order to Guarantee Delivery!

Posted By Dave

Dec 20th 2018


Today is the last day to order your gifts from our website, for guaranteed delivery for Christmas. You must select OVERNIGHT SHIPPING during checkout if you want to receive your order on time!

Christmas DIY LED Jar Gift

Posted By Dave

Dec 17th 2018


Christmas DIY LED Jar Gift What is this? A Christmas Tornado? A Santa Storm? Yes… or simply even just a pleasant centerpiece (with a wee bit of catnip) to taunt the kitty with. Our staff has been putting on their elf hats, browsing the isles and creating some festive technobling-in-a-jar with by adding some LEDs … Continue reading Christmas DIY LED Jar Gift

Notice of Solarbotics Credit Card Processing Breach & Update of Terms & Service

Posted By Dave

Jun 7th 2018


It is my unfortunate duty to inform the customers of Solarbotics who have used our web interface to place credit card orders that this information used on has been compromised.





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