Christmas DIY LED Jar Gift

Posted By Dave

Dec 17th 2018


Christmas DIY LED Jar Gift What is this? A Christmas Tornado? A Santa Storm? Yes… or simply even just a pleasant centerpiece (with a wee bit of catnip) to taunt the kitty with. Our staff has been putting on their elf hats, browsing the isles and creating some festive technobling-in-a-jar with by adding some LEDs … Continue reading Christmas DIY LED Jar Gift

Notice of Solarbotics Credit Card Processing Breach & Update of Terms & Service

Posted By Dave

Jun 7th 2018


It is my unfortunate duty to inform the customers of Solarbotics who have used our web interface to place credit card orders that this information used on has been compromised.

Solarbotics Takes Over Active-Tech Calgary

Posted By Dave

Jun 20th 2017


As of June 7, 2017, Active-Tech Calgary is now under the ownership of Solarbotics Ltd.! Solarbotics has been a part of the Calgary DIY Electronics community for over 22 years, manufacturing and reselling the kits, parts and pieces you use for your own creations. Active-Tech Calgary has been around slightly longer, supplying industrial electronics & … Continue reading Solarbotics Takes Over Active-Tech Calgary

Interactive String LED Floor Mandala at MakerFaire Bay Area

Posted By Dave

Jun 1st 2017


Because… of things… Solarbotics didn’t do a booth or official presence at this year’s Bay Area MakerFaire. We opted to do something fun this time, building a custom just-for-the-fair piece of sorta-interactive LED artwork. Following on the success of the quickie LED floor mandala resting area we did at the NYC MF, we turned it … Continue reading Interactive String LED Floor Mandala at MakerFaire Bay Area

Starry Night Pendant Assembly Guide

Posted By Dave

Nov 17th 2016


We’ve already blogged about the Technology Grad Dresses, which are accompanied by the Starry Night Pendant as a perfect finishing touch to complete the outfit. Since then, we’ve upgraded and improved the Pendant design to make it a fully documented kit, rather than just a bundle: The 2xAAA battery holder offers longer life, less cost … Continue reading Starry Night Pendant Assembly Guide

Solarbotics’ Grove Academic Education Bundles

Posted By Dave

Sep 8th 2016


Last summer during a Solarbotics Robotics for Educators session, one of the teachers noted something about many of the mainstream robotics and electronics learning platforms commonly used in classrooms. He said that those platforms suffered from the Black Box Effect. This effect was where the “black boxes,” the controllers, were plugged into the computer and … Continue reading Solarbotics’ Grove Academic Education Bundles

Technology Grad Dresses

Posted By Dave

Aug 29th 2016


  I have a daughter. A daughter who likes pretty things, and like most daughters, likes to stand out once in a while. As the President of a local technology-hacking company, and having been involved with more than a handful of technology dresses & costumes in the Calgary area, she thought it would be a … Continue reading Technology Grad Dresses

Solarbotics Raspberry Pi 3 SAFE Assembly Instructions

Posted By Dave

Apr 25th 2016


The instructions for assembling the Pi v3 and the previous acrylic Pi SAFE are quite similar. Only difference between the models is the location of the LED light pipes, so these Pi3 instructions apply generally to all Pi SAFE versions. 1. Your Parts! 8 x 4-40 nuts 8 x 4-40 x 3/8″ bolts 2 x … Continue reading Solarbotics Raspberry Pi 3 SAFE Assembly Instructions

Ringo – the great-grandson to the Photopopper Kickstarter

Posted By Dave

Mar 19th 2015


We were pleased to see the Kickstarter for Ringo, the Photopopper-ish but much smarter version of our own ~17 year old design robot kit. The video showcases some pretty cool behaviors, and is easily one of those projects where we think “Jee, why didn’t we do that?”

It’s USUALLY good to be Canadian…

Posted By Dave

Jan 15th 2015


…especially since we have great skiing, universal healthcare, and excellent chocolate (Smarties over M&Ms any day). Unfortunately, one of those excellent things ISN’T the Canadian dollar.





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