Project: Experiments in Watermelon Filament

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Mar 21st 2018


It takes a while to get to know all the quirks of your 3D printer and filament well. We thought we’d add to the knowledge base and share what we’ve learned about using the eSun 1.75mm PLA filament in Glass Watermelon Red on our Kossel Pro delta style 3D printer.

Grove Smart Plant Kit Demo

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Mar 15th 2018


We recently found ourselves in need of a demo for the Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for our visit to the Calgary City Teacher’s Convention. With a very small window to put something together before the due date, we decided to reuse the rough design of one of our previous projects. You know what they … Continue reading Grove Smart Plant Kit Demo

Rick and Morty Portal Gun

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Jan 25th 2018


Every year a group of my friends have an engineering Secret Santa. The rules are simple: make something cool for under $20 that requires engineering to complete. In years past we’ve seen Google cardboard VR headsets that are 6DOF, match stick rockets, 3D printed fans that explode when used, 3D printed rockets with cardboard launch … Continue reading Rick and Morty Portal Gun

Special Gift Ocarina Box

Posted By Dilan Tuff-Overes

Jan 10th 2018


Now that the season of mass gift giving is (temporarily) over, publishing the details on this special gift for a wedding anniversary will not ruin a surprise. So I figured I’d share this personal project that uses simple but smart electronics.





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