Project: APA102-2020 MicroNova Custom LED Choker

Posted By Dan Damron

Feb 23rd 2018


I created this choker as a project to demonstrate the new MicroNova APA102-2020 LED strips. Photo¬†by Yeti, edited by Batgirl These addressable LEDs are extremely small, less than 1/4 the size of a standard 5050 LED. This project was built using engineering sample standard MicroNova 99 LED / meter strips . The MicroNova strips we … Continue reading Project: APA102-2020 MicroNova Custom LED Choker

Freezer Burn 2017 Pendant

Posted By Dan Damron

Jul 6th 2017


Freezer Burn is an Alberta Regional Burning Man celebration annually creating a temporary community out on the prairie. A few of us here at Solarbotics attend, and having access to all of the neat technology, we make an effort to bring special projects to the festival. Lit up projects work well since the event is … Continue reading Freezer Burn 2017 Pendant

New ESP Offerings at Solarbotics

Posted By Dan Damron

May 19th 2017


ESP8266 ESP-32 CAD 13.50/ USD 9.99 The much anticipated ESP32 is here!! Bluetooth, Wifi, Dual Core, IoT just became doable! ESP-12F AP+STA Remote Serial Port WIFI Controller / Module CAD9.38/USD6.95 You can’t turn over an internet-connected rock without finding an ESP8266 of some sort wired to it. This ESP-12F AP+STA is a solid way to … Continue reading New ESP Offerings at Solarbotics

Tech Tip: Micro Terminal Blocks

Posted By Dan Damron

Mar 7th 2017


We use many, many devices with 0.1″ spaced holes, which are pretty much an electronics design standard. We’re finding these 0.1″ space terminal blocks incredibly useful for making solid, secure, yet serviceable connections to the rest of our designs. We’ll often reach for a microcontroller board, then reach for a necessary handful of these parts … Continue reading Tech Tip: Micro Terminal Blocks

Robot Costume Hack

Posted By Dan Damron

Oct 24th 2016


Since Halloween is just around the corner we’ve built and published a few projects in order to give some ideas to the DIY costume-inclined folks. One is DIY Halloween RGB LED Kitty Ears and two is Halloween LED Witch Hat. So for this third hack we started with an online-bought robot costume, but being a … Continue reading Robot Costume Hack

Arc Reactor Kit Assembly Instructions

Posted By Dan Damron

Apr 26th 2016


Arc Reactor Kit Build Instructions Here’s a quick blog on how to assemble the Arc Reactor Kit – Limited Edition. 1. Remove brown paper from all 4 acrylic pieces – the pieces are actually clear, so remove all the paper from both sides.





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